Levocetrizine Dihydrochloride

Product Name : Levocetrizine Dihydrochloride
Specs : USP
Cas No : 130018-77-8
IUPAC Name : 2-[2-[4-[(R)-(4-chlorophenyl)-phenyl-methyl] piperazin-1-yl]ethoxy]acetic acid
Chemical formula : C21H25N2ClO3
Molecular Weight : 388.88 g/mol
Usage Category : Anti-histamine/Anti-allergetic
Molecular Structure :
Uses :
Levobupivacaine is a local anaesthetic drug belonging to the amino amide group. It is the S-enantiomer of bupivacaine. Compared to bupivacaine, levobupivacaine is associated with less vasodilation and has a longer duration of action. Levobupivacaine is indicated for local anaesthesia including infiltration, nerve block, ophthalmic, epidural and intrathecal anaesthesia in adults; and infiltration analgesia in children

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